TSDL calligraphy  is a platform for all kinds of letter lovers. 

The prefix "tsdl" it inherited as it was fist a t-shirt brand with calligraphy prints "T-shirts don't lie". The concept of the brand was repositioned into a calligraphy platform and the former name became an abbreviation. The "don't lie" thing became a slogan which is used both for e-shop and blog. We decided to save it as this slogan connects closely to the concept of the art.



The co-founder of tsdl.ru Sasha Poletaeva has been attending the calligraphy courses in 2015 and made it clear for herself that the art of calligraphy is underestimated and forgotten in Russia.

"Calligraphy is considered to be something old, japanese or completely useless nowadays". At the same time it feels like modern calligraphy began to have it rebirth. Only in Moscow the courses of calligraphy has been doubled in a year. You see more and more fine calligraphy products, but there is a small market where they could be spread on.

The niche on the market calligraphy artists share with designers and bysiness does not seem to distinguish these two professions. This idea became our motivation to creat a platform, which can be dedicated to calligraphy and lettering only.




Main goal of our platform is to develop the art of calligraphy by spreading it on popular, casual products. We've choosen 3 most demanding ones: t-shirts, phone cases, canvases and created an e-shop.

Another direction of tsdl.ru is organization of all kinds of creative collaborations, which will discover the potential of handwritten texts and will underline its actuality. Information about this part of project we publish in our blog. We already made certain number of interviews, collaborations; tools, shops, evets reviews. All this is important as it was no centralazied channel about this topic in Russia. We try hard to fill this vacuum and will be glad to connect with others who wants to take part in it.



30 authors have joined our platform since march 2017 when we were officially opened. By now there are more than 200 calligraphy prints you can find in our shop

We also began to collaborate with Moscow Business and design institute. Some of its students work with us in order to create special calligraphy collections. We are also partners of a coOPERAtion laboratory project: we lead the calligraphy direction.

We collaborate with calligraphy schools, artists, bloggers, theaters in order to create new calligraphy products together. If you are burning with the idea of cooperation, write to us.